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History Of The Spice Trade: In A Nutshell

History Of The Spice Trade: In A Nutshell

Realistically, the first ever trade of spices probably happened shortly after humans learned to cook meat and provisions over an open flame.  But in regards to the spice trade movement that defined commerce and trade as industries – it is said that the trails can be followed back to ancient India, south-east Asia and the Caribbean.

The first ever recorded use of spices comes from an Assyrian myth which speaks about the Gods drinking sesame wine on the evening before the earth was created.  The use and mention of sesame in these ancient tales was quite common, and many believe that it was during this time (around 3000 BCE) when spices were introduced for their aromatic elements and medicinal purposes.

The Egyptians were fond of all sorts of spices, more specifically used to “fuel” labor workers while they built pyramids and to preserve the dead during embalming practices.  Spices like cinnamon, anise and cumin were considered a delicacy and the value of such spices is what started the natural evolution of commerce.

In fact, it wasn’t uncommon in ancient south-east Asia for kings and pharaohs to conquer colonies just to reap their lavish spice and herb crops after wards.  One can say that the first drug trade spawned directly from the spice industry.

As in most business, the trading happened on a local level at first – from one merchant to the next.  Eventually those with money and power would catch on a transport mass amounts of spice further east and west of the core trading route.  In a nutshell, this is how we got to where we are today – and why food tastes so amazing!  Thank you spice traders of the past!


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5 Health Benefits of Spicy Food

5 Health Benefits of Spicy Food

Many food lovers will boast that spicy food is an acquired taste – though there are people who simply can’t hack the heat!  Aside from like and dislike, spices have been used for health benefits and medicinal purposes since they were first introduced in Asia – back in the ancient days of pharaohs and pyramids.

Below is a list of 5 common ailments and diseases that can be combated with the right spice:

  • Heart Problems – Amazingly enough, chili peppers have superb inflammation-fighting powers that can effectively help in the process of getting rid of an preventing blood clots.  They’ve also been known to reduce blood pressure and generally improve the circulation of your blood.
  • Obesity – There’s been a lot of hype about spicy food and weight loss – and here’s the skinny:  Capasicin comes from chili peppers and is a great metabolism booster.  This causes your body to naturally burn off unwanted calories and take away the munchies by lessening your appetite.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease – A few years back a bunch of specialists concluded that elderly people who had sufficient amounts of curry and cumin in their regular diets were 50% less at risk for developing a cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s Disease.
  • Liver Problems – Turmeric is said by many to be one of the most powerful spices in the world, with all sorts of medicinal and healthy ways to use it.  Turmeric acts as a natural detox and antiseptic agent and helps keep your liver clean as well as kill any bacteria that gets in it’s way.  It’s also great for arthritis and joint pain.
  • Cancer – When it comes to the big “C” scientists have tried everything to get it under control – but what about some plain old mustard seed?  It is said that mustard contains several cancer-fighting properties as well as provides a good dose of magnesium – which is used to lower risk for heart attacks.

There are many, many, many more spices and health benefits – but these are just a few to get you started!


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