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Preparation Before You Eat Something Spicy

Preparation Before You Eat Something Spicy

There are probably thousands of people in America alone who love the idea of eating spicy foods, but don’t have the tolerance to endure the scorching aftermath.  If you are one of those people, read on – we have compiled some great tips to prepare you before and after eating a spicy dish.

Enjoying spicy food is all about experimentation.  There are so many different “types” of spicy cuisine i.e. Indian, Asian, African, Latin etc… that you really need to test your palette on different variations of spice in order to know your threshold and what you are capable of handling.

For starters, if your threshold for spice is BBQ chicken wings, then you need to start with something spicier, but not too hot.  Try out a small portion with a glass of milk near by.  It will probably take a few bites to get the full flavor and hotness of the food – so be sure you fully “taste” the food before determining whether it is too spicy for you.

As mentioned above, drink milk to subdue the spiciness if it becomes too intense.  One would easily think that a tall, cold glass of water should do the trick, but the reality is opposite.  Water will void the propriocepter in your tongue which results in zero relief of the heat!

Bread and solid foods are also great to absorb the hotness of spicy foods.

Once you get comfortable with a certain level of spice, move yourself up the spicy food chain and go for something a little hotter.  With some persistence, a glass of milk and some toast – you’ll be eating raw chili peppers in no time (or just enjoying the spice of life).


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