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How To Handle Your Peppers

How To Handle Your Peppers

When a person thinks about chilli peppers, they immediately associate it with a burning sensation in the mouth – obviously if you eat something spicy, your mouth will burn – but many forget to realize that the oils and juices of the pepper can also burn your skin just as bad as your mouth.

If you’re unfamiliar with handling chilli peppers, here are a few tips to ensure you don’t wind up running around in circles with your eyes, mouth and fingers on fire:

  • Believe it or not, when professional chefs are working with peppers that are really hot, rubber/latex gloves are probably the best preventative solution.
  • Do not under and circumstance touch any part of your face.  This includes your eyes, nose, mouth, ears, etc.  Should any of these more sensitive areas come in contact with the pepper – you will suffer.
  • Wash your hands and gloves with soap and water immediately after using or handling peppers.
  • If you happen to burn yourself with the pepper, think of it like any other burn!  Cold water followed by some aloe vera or burn ointment usually does the trick.
  • If you’ve consumed a massive pepper and your mouth is on fire, grab a chunk of your favorite cheese as the oils will help subside the burning effect of the chilli’s oil.

If up until this point you have been fortunate enough to never experience the burn from a really hot chilli pepper – you’re very lucky!  Peppers are such an integral part of cuisines all around the world, but if abused, they can pack quite the punch.  Handle your peppers and other spicy foods with care and you will enjoy the experience much more.


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