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Growing Chili Peppers: Tips In The Garden

Growing Chili Peppers: Tips In The Garden

Whether you’re familiar with gardening peppers or this is the first project you’ve ever attempted – growing chili peppers at home is easy, fun and very low maintenance compared to other plants and vegetables.  Some would even say that it is similar to growing tomatoes – which is quite common!

To begin germination, you will need about 4 mm of plain old soil/compost.  It is very important that during the early stages, your chili pepper plant is kept somewhere reasonably warm.  You’ll find that keeping your pot above the fridge, for example, will really speed up the sprouting process.

After 1-3 weeks you should start to see some seedlings poking through the surface, and once this happens your primary objective moving forward is to ensure the chili pepper seedlings get lots of light.  Sufficient light and heat is crucial when gardening chili peppers.  So you will have to move them into a green house or a south facing window.

Once the seedlings sprout their second or third set of leaves, it’s time to pot your chili peppers.  If you have some spare or used plastic drinking cups laying around, these work perfect!  Simply remove each seedling into it’s own cup – and be extra careful not to damage the seedling.

Like many other plants, once you’ve had them growing inside for a while and the last frost has passed, you can transfer them to your outside garden.  The flowering period is always pretty and as soon as that is finished you should start to see the plants bare fruits – chili peppers, of course!


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